Baldness Affects Not Only Men But Also Carpets


You might have gone blank when you see those bald patches here and there on your carpet. These bald patches are actually the places where fibres are missing. Fibres in the areas of these bald patches look like paper shreds or wood cuttings. There is nothing to worry about. It is not the case of disintegration of carpet. It might be attack of carpet moths or beetles. This can happen to anyone and it does not mean you are not a clean person.

Some insects like carpets

Moths, beetles etc get attracted to curtains and fabrics also. They tend more to natural fibres. They get attracted to wool and silk. These insects can digest keratin present in natural fibres. They attack pure silk and woollen carpets. They also settle in areas that contain moisture content inside the natural fibre like dust particles and sweat. They feed from these regions. Beetles, bugs and moths prefer corners which are dark and the spaces under fibre units of the carpets. Eggs are laid by adult insects in moist areas and when eggs get hatched, larvae from these eggs will be left at that area.

How to eradicate infestations
Professional companies that clean carpets effectively deal with moth/ beetle infestations very effectively. Vacuum cleaning will certainly help and a good dosage of natural agent helps in eradicating these pests. If you want to eliminate them all together, insecticide can be used. But if you want to repair those bald areas, it is possible if you have an exact replica of the same carpet. It should be perfectly matching the present one and it should be of the same colour, texture and wear.

Preventing balding of carpets
Stain-Removal-Carpet-Cleaning-BallaratIn case you want to prevent attacks of pests, use a large spider! Just joking…Don’t worry. Regular vacuum cleaning especially near the corners and under the legs of sofas and chairs is to be done. Crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner must be used around the edges to keep insects away. Prevention is always better than cure!

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